AuthorQuest: Analyzing The Disney Villains: Governor

AuthorQuest: Analyzing The Disney Villains: Governor

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  • Title: AuthorQuest: Analyzing The Disney Villains: Governor
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AuthorQuest: Analyzing The Disney Villains: Willie The. Analyzing the Disney Villains: Willie the Giant (Mickey and the Beanstalk) Mickey & the Beanstalk (Fun and Fancy Free) (1947) I wanted to do at least one fun villain -- one you don't expect too much out of. That honor goes to Willie the Giant, the lovable giant most known for his role in "Mickey and the Beanstalk" and "Mickey's Christmas

AuthorQuest: Analyzing The Disney Villains: Governor. Character Strengths: I like how they call him "Governor Ratcliffe" when he does no governing whatsoever. How can you call yourself a poltical leader of a piece of land with no buildings on it? In fact, he's one of the few Disney villains that loses the loyalty of his troops before the end (Scar being another ignoble example).His time-filling song does some good to motivate the men on the

AuthorQuest: Analyzing The Disney Villains: Scar (The Lion. Analyzing the Disney Villains: Scar (The Lion King) SCAR. Origin: The Lion King (1994) It's kind of nice to see a real royal struggle in a Disney film, with conspiracies and plotting and such. Scar is the power hungry brother to the king. He's Claudius. He's Iago. And he's not that bad. Doesn't hurt that his voice actor is Jeremy Irons, a voice

AuthorQuest: Analyzing The Disney Villains: Sykes (Oliver. Evilness: Sykes is part of a line of a collection of Disney villains like Madame Medusa and Cruella De Vil who A) kidnap children B) use firearms C) feature impatience and greeds as primary characteristics D) have animals as their primary enemies. I have to give credit, though, for using those tried-and-tested mafia torture techniques like cement shoes.

AuthorQuest: Analyzing The Disney Villains: Cruella De Vil. Analyzing the Disney Villains: Cruella De Vil (101 Dalmatians) CRUELLA DE VIL. Origin: One Hundred and One Dalmatians (1961) If you ever feel bad about not getting certain things, keep this in mind. I didn't realize what her last name meant until, I don't know, middle school, where there's a shot of her license plate, and it clicked. I guess

AuthorQuest: Analyzing The Disney Villains: Captain Hook. Once again, most of the credit for this guy goes to J.M. Barrie who created a great character, but a goofy villain. But that's as it should be, as most child's imaginations are rather goofy. Just ask my daughter who insists on naming everything "Too-Tee". But thanks to back story, we know this is a one pirate who means business.

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